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     Since 2008, Tianmu TV and its business partners invested in over 20 commercial films, with investment period between 8 and 30 months. Our projects are superior to others' in the following two ways:

    1. Top-tier and experienced partners

     ?  Mainstream Hollywood studios (WB, Disney, Sony, Universal) & A-list independent production         companies (Afterdark Films, Cinelou Films, Atmosphere Films) 

     ?  First-tier producers, directors and actors 

     ?  Top agencies in the world ( WME、 CAA、 UTA、ICM )

    2. Low risk & High Income 
    ?  Both fixed interest and back-end equity 

    ?  Completion Bond for all projects

    ?  ROI between 15% and 40% 
    ?  Investors are in advantageous position for recoupment of principal and fixed interest

    Below are the films Tianmu TV and its partners invested in and the ROI.

    ?  Getaway:  28% ROI

    ?  Blitz:  30% ROI
    ?  Dungeons and Dragons: 25% ROI
    ?  Machine Gun Preacher: 26% ROI
    ?  Alpha And Omega: 80% ROI

Dungeons and Dragons .jpeg

    Tianmu TV is familiar with the film investment system in Hollywood and is good at seeking projects with low riskes and high profits. It is equipped with a a powerful and professional team, which monitors film qualities and the market trend.

    Since 2013, Tianmu TV and its business partners step into the Chinese film market. It aims to become the bridge between Chinese and Hollywood film industries. Tianmu has been accelerating its pace in film investment and expanding its business area. Together with various film&TV investment companies in China, it invests in films including The Yellow Birds, which is adapted from a best-selling novel in US and is starred by Tye Sheridan, The Comedian, starred by Robert De Niro, Phoenix Forgotten, produced by Ridley Scott, and Robotech, a Sony production.