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    Since 2006, Tianmu has been working with Lionsgate to distribute some high-quality Hollywood productions in China's mainland, which won high box offices and brought high revenues to our investors and partners. The films we distributed include:

Alpha And Omega(2011)

Box Office: Over RMB 30 Million 
BLITZ (2013)
Box Office: Over RMB 50 Million 

PARKER (2013)

Box Office: Over RMB 50 Million 

    Tianmu has been maintaining long-term strategic cooperation with UK and US distributors and producers to distribute all kinds of shows from mainstream TV stations, including HD content from BBC, Discovery, ITV and etc. Tianmu also brought to China many popular music and fashion shows from US and UK, including Grammy AwardsVictoria's Secret Fashion Show and Shake The Temple Buildings Rolling. Besides this, Tianmu is the exclusive distributor of a wide range of documentaries, some of which were once broadcast on TV, Internet and mobile platforms including CCTV, Dragon TV, Iqiyi, LeTV, and Migu.


    Tianmu also imported hundreds of formats, including DuetsTime Machine Chefs and Beat The Star, which had very high audience rating abroad. Duets was a popular singing talent show format owned by Disney. The copyright in China was brought by BTV, and the Chinese version was a great success.