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    Tianmu Media was established in 2011. It is a professional media company with  licenses for video and animation production and distribution issued by SARFT.  Additionally, it also has performance brokerage and commercial performance license.

    Tianmu Media has the qualification to produce and distribute shows, dramas and films independently. It also has qualification for hosting large foreign concerts. Its headquarters is based in Shanghai, with branches in Beijing, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. 

    The comany focuses on the following business areas:

    ?  Film and TV content production and distribution (With SARFT approval)

    ?  Performance brokerage and artist brokerage (With Department of Cultural Affairs approval)

    ?  Commercial performance (With Department of Cultural Affairs approval)

     ?  Film and TV content post-production - audio, video, subtitles, translation, dubbing, etc.

    ?  Film investment & financing