About Us
Awning media was founded in 2001, is a company has issued by the state administration of radio, film and television production, distribution, animation production license, as well as performance brokerage, the commercial performance license professional media company. Awning in media independently at the same time making films and to undertake, introduce the foreign large concert. Awning concrete the following business media:
            • Film and television production
            • The copyright issue
            • The film and television investment
            • ShangYan and artist agent
Awning media in recent years, the successful cases include:
• Push the SONY pictures hit "the robotech," producer collecting right investment cooperation;
• To Disney popular entertainment Duets localization, namely, Beijing TV's popular entertainment "is the most beautiful harmony";
• Hollywood "hard track", "parker", "jungle sentient beings Wolf", "machine gun preacher" such as the introduction of many Hollywood movies;
• The BBC, Discovery, ITV vast China copyright works of film and television content production;
• Investment and worked on a British film "Legendary", by duff dolph lundgren, Scott starring Atkins, Chinese actress huang yi in;
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